What does the term ‘anti-ligature” mean?

Any object which is intended to stop a ligature from being attached to it can be called an ‘anti-ligature SteelCell.

The anti-ligature is a design that reduces the chance of self-harm and suicide when a ligature is used.

Recent years have seen a marked improvement of the best practices in design within mental health facilities. This has been achieved through collaborative efforts that create safer environments. This has been made possible by the anti-ligature design.

What is the ‘ligature?’

“Ligature” is any object that can be tied or bound tightly. This includes a rope or cord as well as clothing and bedding. In mental health and difficult environments, such items are a risk because of their ability to be used for self-harming or suicide. It is a risk that’s increased when there are ‘ligature point’ on furniture, architectural features, or other objects where a ligature can be affixed.

This design helps to reduce the number of points that can be used as ligatures. It is crucial in helping to minimize the chance of someone using one for self-harm.

What is the best anti-ligature solution?

Kingsway has a large range of anti-ligature interior door sets. These can be used in areas such as service users’ bedrooms, the staff area, public spaces, and washroom facilities.

The anti-ligature Complete Door Systems we offer are developed in conjunction with Healthcare professionals and Experts of Experience. They help to reduce the risk of self-harm, suicide or other harmful behaviors by users within difficult environments. Our experience of delivering anti ligature solutions to over 2,300 UK project ensures that we select the materials most suitable for mental health environments.

Aesthetically appealing without sacrificing security or safety, our products contribute to the creation of therapeutic and de-institutionalized environments. As your partner for patient safety, we offer a five-year guarantee on all Complete Door Systems at no additional cost.

Our anti-ligature solution range includes washroom dispensers to prevent ligatures, mirrors that are shatterproof, coat and towel hangers, handrails.

What exactly are “ligature Monitors”?

A ligature-monitor is a device which can detect attempts to ligature and alerts the staff for quick clinical intervention. The use of these devices can significantly improve the response time by staff to potentially life-threatening events. With our SENTRY Complete Door System, we have a design that is anti-ligature and ligature monitor technology which spans across the entire length of exposed edges. Staff will be alerted if an employee attempts to anchor or wedge the ligature.

NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement offers pre-tendered anti -ligature doors

Kingsway Group was selected following a competitive tender process as one of the pre-approved providers for Anti-Ligature Doors and Bespoke Doors in the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement. Kingsway was thoroughly vetted, including our products and production process.

This Framework Agreement assures all NHS Organisations, public sector organisations and other entities that the products and processes we offer have been independently approved for quality.